about sugarologie

My name is Leanne Luong, creative mastermind behind Sugarologie.

At a young age, while other children were watching Saturday morning cartoons, I was stuck doing homework, all while trying to avoid being chased by mother's iron fist & her feather duster. So instead of actually doing work, I would doodle and draw to make myself look busy. After awhile I realized my art wasn't too shabby.

My parents must have noticed too because they enrolled me in Sunday morning art classes at age 12. No matter how much I protested that I was entitled to a day off, my mother would just wrap my scarf tighter to muffle the cries, then send me along on the streetcar with paint & canvas under my arms in -20 C weather. Who knew that doodles and art classes would lead to a lifetime of interest in all things creative.

Sugarologie came about back in 2007 when I combined my love for design and baking to make my first cake for a friend. She was looking for something more interesting and less the bore of traditional cakes. So here I am now, converting drab to exciting one cake at a time.

If you have any questions about my cakes click here or simply contact me here for more information.


"Our wedding cake was colourful, whimsical and tasty. Leanne has an amazing attention to detail, she even reproduced my wedding dress on the figurines. The cake was definitely the centre of the attention." - Jen & Derrick

"Leanne's creativity is amazing! We loved the wedding cake she created and sesame street cupcakes she made for my baby shower...our guests wouldn't stop raving about how great they looked and tasted!" - Vivian & Dariusz

"I provided Leanne a picture of my dream cake and it turned out better! I was so happy with the cake and received many compliments." - Christina & Mike